Pineapple Pizza Drama Hits Italy – Sorbillo Shakes Up Tradition!

Pizza, Pineapple, and a Whole Lot of Drama

Pizza Drama. Italy, the land of serious pizza business, is in a bit of a tizzy thanks to Gino Sorbillo, the pizza wizard from Naples. He’s gone rogue and added pineapple to his pizza menu, and let’s just say, it’s causing a pizza revolution.

Sorbillo’s Bold Move: The “Margherita con Ananas”

Gino Sorbillo, the pizza maestro, is giving the traditionalists a run for their money with his creation, the “Margherita con Ananas.” This ain’t your regular Hawaiian pizza; it’s a white pizza (no tomato sauce) with not one, not two, but three types of cheese. And hold on, the pineapple gets a double-cook treatment for that sweet caramelized vibe.

Sorbillo, a pizza legacy in the making, says he did it to break food stereotypes. He thinks people need to give unfamiliar ingredients a chance instead of joining the pizza police.

Pizza Evolution in Naples: Making a Statement

Why drop this bombshell in the heart of pizza history, you ask? Sorbillo’s saying, “Why not?” Even with pizzerias in Miami, Tokyo, and Ibiza, he’s making a stand in Naples, the pizza mothership.

The pizza-making process involves prebaking the pineapple, slapping on some smoked provola, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, and into the woodfired oven it goes. Oh, and don’t forget the micro shavings of two smoked cacioricotta cheeses – one from Sardinian goats and another from buffalos nearby.

Italy’s Pizza Civil War: Pineapple Pizza Sparks a Ruckus

Hold onto your pizza crusts because Italians are not having it. Pineapple pizza is stirring the pot, causing an uproar. Social media insults are flying, and national TV is putting this pizza on trial.

Sorbillo, though, remains unfazed, saying, “Italy is split in half about it.” He thinks people need to chill and be a bit more curious about their taste buds.

Pineapple Pizza Supporters Speak Up

Not everyone’s on the hate train. Barbara Politi, a food journalist, made a pizza pilgrimage to Naples to taste it herself. She’s all about it, reminding everyone that pineapple has been chillin’ in European food since Columbus did his thing in 1493. She compares the skepticism to sushi – you might not love it at first, but it grows on you.

Sorbillo’s like, “See, some folks get it!”

Sorbillo’s Response: Ketchup Pizza, Anyone?

But Sorbillo’s not done stirring the pizza pot. In response to the haters, he whips up a ketchup pizza. Not your regular ketchup, mind you. It’s made from red and yellow Italian datterino tomatoes, and he proudly devours it on camera, surrounded by his homemade ketchup bottles.

Sorbillo’s take? “Change one ingredient, and you’ve got a whole new thing.”